At Santa’s Little Helpers we have been installing Christmas lights and brightening up people’s homes for over a decade. Having installed over 4,000 homes and counting and having over 450 returning clients every year make Santa’s Little Helpers Vancouver and the Fraser Valley’s leading Christmas light installation company. We design and can also supply premium lights that you won’t find at any retailer. Send us a picture of your place and let us brighten up your home or business this Christmas season!


Santa’s Little Helpers installs Christmas lights on over 500 residential houses a year from West Vancouver all the way to Abbotsford. We can do simple and elegant all the way to the most extravagant and awe inspiring displays. Whether its the roof lines on your home or 5, 10, or 100 foot trees you are wanting done Santa’s Little Helpers has done it all. We have all the best quality of lights on the market and many Christmas lights that are not available anywhere else. We have the classic traditional incandescent lights on both green and white cords to match your fascia and roof lines. If you are wanting an LED light that goes perfectly straight we have the top of the line commercial grade C9 or G30 lights with 5 LED lights per bulb. These super bright energy efficient lights are the best LED lights you can buy. We have these lights both in the green cord or white cord to match your fascia and roof lines. The best way for us to give you a quote is to:

1) Send us a picture of your house
2) Let us know where on the house or landscaping you are wanting the lights
3) Let us know if you have the lights or if you are wanting us to recommend and supply the lights
4) Let us know what city you are in.


Santa’s Little Helpers has been installing seasonal and permanent lighting on malls, restaurants, hotels, and has done lighting for different cities for over 10 years. With our experience and better lights we can enhance your commercial building and bring more attention and customers to your location. Send us an email or give us a call and we can help design and install your next project.



Santa’s Little Helpers has been making peoples special day even more magical with wedding lights on houses, barns, tents, walkways, trees and everything else you can imagine. Let us make your wedding or special event even more perfect!